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  • Oct 16-21, 2017
  • Monday October 16th
  • Tuesday October 17th
  • Wednesday October 18th
  • Thursday October 19th
  • Friday October 20th
  • Saturday October 21st

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Being a Salt Lake Design Week sponsor puts you at the heart of a network of Utah’s greatest designers, educators, entrepreneurs, retailers, and thinkers. Generate new customers, new business and widespread publicity and press coverage for increased brand awareness. We are also open to working collaboratively with our sponsors to craft custom integration events with their products and services. Silicon Slopes is a hot spot of tech growth, and the world knows that Salt Lake City is the place where great design happens. Join us for Salt Lake Design Week and associate your brand with the most powerful and engaging week of the year.

Why Design Week Matters

Design week provides a forum for designers, business professionals, and the general public to interact, collaborate, and learn from each other, in order to build a stronger creative community. Since Salt Lake Design Week’s inception 6 years ago, it has engaged over 50,000 people and continues to be an overwhelming success. In addition to designers and business professionals, children and parents participate in events and workshops that inspire critical thinking. People love Design Week! In prior years, Design Week’s buzz has reached all the way across the pond to London due to our amazing social strategy. This level of exposure means your brand once aligned with Salt Lake Design Week will be remembered, talked about, and requested by those who appreciate great design.

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