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Interested in what your peers are up to?

Interested in what other design disciplines are all about?

Interested in networking and meeting people in the industry?

Then clear your schedule Tuesday from 4:30-6:30 and pop into the the studios/agencies listed below to learn a bit more about who they are, what they do, and why they do it.

  • NWL Architects
    Naylor Wentworth Lund Architects is an architecture firm committed to a process of excellence in design and construction. Our firm’s varied experience in educational, commercial, governmental, religious and retail design allows us to bring a wealth of new ideas and concepts to every project. We are committed to responsive design solutions for each client and setting. We design buildings that are sustainable, appropriate to their setting and expressive of each client. Our clients own their buildings for a very long time and we design to provide them environments that will serve them well over the life of the building.
  • FFKR Architects
    FFKR Architects is the largest architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, and planning firm in Salt Lake City. Our guiding design philosophy is to find within the client’s site, program, and budget that special something that shapes a project into more than the sum of its parts. Stop by our office to see our latest work, and amazing models produced by our 3D Rendering Studio.
  • GSBS
    A unique perspective comes from 39 years of integrating disciplines under one umbrella. It gives us insight and translates to vibrant sustainable design. We bring together urban planners, landscape architects, interior designers, graphic artists, sustainability specialists and economic analysts on every architectural team for an integrated approach to design.
    Long before it was fashionable and long before LEED®, GSBS was incorporating sustainable design components like daylighting, high-performance building systems and energy efficiency—resulting in efficient designs with minimal maintenance. We think that’s wise stewardship of our client’s resources and the natural resources we share with the rest of the planet.
    We aspire to Sustainable Design Excellence—to go above and beyond what is expected. These three words describe our approach to every single project we undertake.
  • Underbelly Creative
    Underbelly is a tight group of designers, developers, and film makers that partner with companies to design engaging brands, promote products, and develop web and mobile apps that millions of people use every day. We work with companies ranging from small startups, to large fortune 500 companies like Facebook, Netflix & Starbucks.
  • Work Hive
    Work Hive is a collaborative work space and small business incubator for professionals of all kinds, located in downtown Salt Lake City.
    Our members all do different types of work, but we find ourselves energized and supported by those working around us. Work Hive provides all the office basics you’ll need to have a productive work day, without the cost and bother of getting your own office space set up. With conference rooms, printers, high speed internet, and work stations of many kinds, we’ve got all you need to focus on building your design practice.
    In our studio we have landscape architects, architects, graphic designers, photographers, interior designers, software designers, web designers, and more. Some are long established and some are just starting up, but we love working side by side to help each other build something great.
  • MGB + A
    MGB+A has been a prominent Salt Lake City based urban design, landscape architecture and land planning firm for the past 50 years. We feel a great sense of accomplishment as our unique ideas are worked cohesively into the communities they support, and appreciate the opportunity to work closely with local artists and other professionals in the process. Our work can be seen at venues such as the Vivint Smart Home Arena, City Creek Centre and Thanksgiving Point Gardens.
  • 7D8
    7D8 is an independent art and design studio. Established in 2012 by Kent Miller and David Young, 7D8 approaches every project with a start-up mentality, welcoming new ideas and challenges. Our multidisciplinary portfolio reflects our flexibility and enthusiasm for diverse collaborations. Critically engaging through thoughtful research and exploration, 7D8 creates clear messages and form through design. 7D8 creates clear messages and form through design. Whether it’s graphic design for print or digital media, product design, environmental design, fashion, event production, or in-house commercial and cultural ventures, our goal is always the same: produce exceptional work that seamlessly aligns strategy, concept, and execution.
  • Struck
    Struck is a modern agency for evolutionary brands. We partner in our clients’ success by creating work that matters to people. We transform brands by re-imagining the customer experience at every touchpoint: physical, digital, social, traditional and even virtual. We create award-winning and results-driven work for a wide range of clients, including the Utah Office of Tourism, Nickelodeon, Jack in the Box, Icon Fitness, and McDonald’s. Struck has offices in Salt Lake City, Portland (OR) and Los Angeles.
  • Hint Creative
  • Thoughtlab
    ThoughtLab is an expression of creativity, an artistic atom-bomb, a lone cowboy traveling across a dusty landscape out to bring explosive graphic design and web development to a poor mining town being harassed by outlaws. We exist to give businesses what they want most – Arc of the Covenant style face melting results.
  • Dinng



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