Product Hive Lecture Series Day 2

Ever wondered how amazing companies like Adobe, Pluralsight, Vivint, Jane, Canopy, Underbelly (clients like Facebook), Welikesmall (clients like Reebok), and more create such elegant and useful products? Ever wondered what their day to day looks like? Ever wondered the challenges they face and how they deal with them? We assembled a mix of 12 amazingly talented Designers, Product Managers, Researchers, and Founders to speak about what it takes to build products that millions use everyday.


Name: Anthony Lagoon
Date: Oct 20th, 9:00am-10:00am
Location: Workfront | 3301 Thanksgiving Way, Lehi, UT
Job: Underbelly, Founder
Title: Scaling Creativity with Anthony Lagoon
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Designer and Founder Anthony Lagoon discusses multiple approaches to increasing creative output without letting quality suffer. Whether refining one’s craft, or assembling the perfect team, there are a few key principles that can help us create more, have a higher impact, and enjoy the process along the way.

I’m an interaction designer with a passion for creating great experiences around great content.

I wish there was some way I could hold my Wacom pen, my camera, and my coffee at the same time.

Specialties: User experience design, interaction design, print design, photography and video.



Name: Aryel Cianflone
Date: Oct 20th, 10:00am-11:00am
Location: Workfront | 3301 Thanksgiving Way, Lehi, UT
Job: Researcher, Vivint
Title: You Are Not a Creative Genius
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In the tech world, members of the leadership team are often described as “visionaries” and “creative geniuses.” However, with the startup failure rate north of 60% and innovation more important than ever, real-life seems to demand an optimistic skepticism of this view. Design research provides the tools necessary to rethink the relationship between customers and products, allowing the best ideas to rise to the top through experimentation, ideation, and a human-centered perspective. Utilizing these principles will allow you to reduce inefficiency, innovate beyond the limits of your team’s experience, and make better products.

Aryel grew up in northern LA county. After studying international relations, she decided she wanted a career with more visible impact than what she’d seen during her time in government. She went to work for a company democratizing data. After watching the company grow from ~300 to ~900, saw the problems that arise when you build features based on a “wouldn’t it be cool…” philosophy versus human-centered design principles and fell in love with UX research. She started Mixed Methods in 2017 and also works as a UX researcher.



Name: Patrick Cox
Date: Oct 20th, 11:00am-12:00pm
Location: Workfront | 3301 Thanksgiving Way, Lehi, UT
Job: Product Design Manager, Canopy Tax
Title: Junior Designers? Let’s Play the Feud!
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Name something a senior designer can learn from a junior designer… Survey says…
In classic Family Feud style, we are going to pit a “family” of junior designers against a “family” of hiring managers to discover the hidden value and expectations of junior designers. Getting real survey results from our local design community, we’ll find out what it truly takes to get hired with no experience.

Patrick Cox is a Product Design Manager at Canopy Tax, a cloud based tax resolution and practice management startup in Lehi. Beyond designing things, he also mentors new designers via, teaching students the purpose and the process of becoming a UX Designer. He also watches too much television.


Name: Kris Paries
Date: Oct 20th, 1:00pm-2:00pm
Location: Workfront | 3301 Thanksgiving Way, Lehi, UT
Job: Sr. UX Designer, Adobe
Title: Every Designer an Analyst
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Any digital product designer worth their salt should be making data driven decisions. In the design industry however, that data is often relegated to mostly qualitative research. I want to talk about the red-headed stepchild of the UX/UI world: quantitative data. We should be interviewing the numbers before we interview any user.

Kris Paries is a Senior Experience Designer at Adobe working on data privacy, analytics, educational initiatives, and the future of intelligent agents. He is currently an adjunct professor at the University of Utah’s Multi-Disciplinary Design Program and writes for Adobe’s Thinking Design by Adobe Medium publication.



Name: Audrey Thrasher
Date: Oct 20th, 2:00pm-3:00pm
Location: Workfront | 3301 Thanksgiving Way, Lehi, UT
Job: Product Manager, Pluralsight
Title:Lonely Planet: Destination Product Management
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Looking for rewarding wildlife watching? Check! Adrenaline boosting activities? Check!  Lively and lovely local culture? Check! Dancing to a constant beat of a rhymic drum Product Management is no ordinary place. It is an intriguing destination with a short history and inspiring monuments. Not for the faint of heart, traveling here is full of challenges and self-discovery.   While it’s not an easy place to explore, roads are rough; transport is often hard to navigate, traveling here can be rewarding as it is revelatory.

Audrey’s love of the four seasons led her to the beehive state to enjoy all it has to offer. She is a life-long learner, adores exploring new experiences. She is a member of the Experience team atPluralsight. Feel free to ask her about any of her pets.



Name: Michael Kern
Date: Oct 20th, 3:00pm-4:00pm
Location: Workfront | 3301 Thanksgiving Way, Lehi, UT
Job: Executive Creative Director, Welikesmall
Title: Hooking up vs. Monogamy: A critical look at design leadership from agency to in-house
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Being a designer is more complicated than ever, our careers have splintered, diverged, and become increasingly specialized. As we move further from our artistic, craft-based vocational history, and toward an emphasis on analytical, psychological based design culture, how does this effect agencies and in-house departments. We will attempt to answer how we can all inspire design teams; how to balance art, design, and tech; what are we doing both right and wrong in design culture. Please note, we may discuss politics, process, culture, and pyramid schemes, parental discretion is advised.

Michael Kern is a creative, a designer, a cinematographer, and a maker.  Michael’s passion for storytelling through design, technology, and strategy based communication derives from a desire to give meaning to the world around him and create emotional connections. He has built products, ran sprawling agencies and small digital boutiques, been an adjunct professor, a mentor, and a speaker.

Currently, Michael has the honor of serving as Executive Creative Director and co-founder at Welikesmall. While at WLS he has worked with and won clients like Nike, Disney, Google, Reebok, Playstation, American Express, Starbucks, and more. The close collaboration and unbelievable talent at WLS have shaped his curious outlook and desire to be medium agnostic.

His continued focus is on pushing the possibilities of design, pursuing cinematography and directing opportunities, thinking, creating permanent good, raising his family, and riding a bike fast.


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Design + Diversity Workshop

The Salt Lake design community is made up of many different people from diverse backgrounds working in many different disciplines. In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to build your own hexagon and represent your unique viewpoint in the wall of design diversity.

This is not a lecture, just hands-on creativity to demonstrate unity and diversity.


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Design Disruptors

Join us Labs for an exclusive screening of the InVision-produced documentary DESIGN DISRUPTORS, brought to you by DevPoint Labs and Salt Lake Design Week (

DESIGN DISRUPTORS reveals a never-before-seen perspective on the design approaches of 15+ industry-shaking companies, and how they’re using the power of design to disrupt billion dollar industries.

Grab a drink, some movie treats, and be first to see the film.

Seating is limited—reserve your seat today!

Church & State​

The parking lot adjacent to Church & State is reserved for Church & State members who pay a monthly fee for parking. However, there is plenty of street parking on 300 East, as well as at the Salt Lake City Public Library or at the Diamond Parking Lot located at 123 East 200 South.

The film will be screened in the upstairs DevPoint Labs Classroom.

Devpoint​ ​Labs​

DEVPOINT LABS IS A CODING BOOTCAMP that offers full and part-time courses in full stack web development and part-time classes in UX​ ​design​. Our accelerated learning model provides an immersive experience for those looking to learn how to code and switch careers.

Design​ ​Disruptors​

DESIGN DISRUPTORS reveals a never-before-seen perspective on the design approaches of 15+ industry-shaking companies, and how they’re using the power of design to disrupt billion dollar industries.

Salt Lake Furniture Design Show

Join us for one of Design Week’s first Furniture Shows!

On Friday, October 20th, 2017, join Clubhouse and Design Week for an evening of exquisite furniture design featuring ten pieces of fine furniture made by local professional builders and design students. Don’t miss out an opportunity to meet and mingle with Salt Lake City’s most talented designers.

  • This gallery style event is free and open to the public.
  • The gallery will be open from 6:00 – 9:00 PM.
  • Drinks provided


DesignArts Utah ’17 Closing Reception

In conjunction with Salt Lake Gallery Stroll and Salt Lake Design Week, a closing reception will take place on October 20th from 6-9 pm at the Rio Gallery, 300 S. Rio Grande in Salt Lake City. Admission is free and open to the public.

The DesignArts Program is pleased to host the DesignArts Utah ’17 juried exhibition, September 8, 2017 – October 20, 2017, at the Rio Gallery in downtown Salt Lake City. Designers in architecture, industrial, product, and information / media / graphic design will be included with realized, conceptual, and prototype design. This year’s featured designers include: Jorrien Peterson / Fell – Gunnar Harrison – Lianne Wappett – Hunter Hofstrand – Camilla Aubrey – Sparano + Mooney Architecture – WEST Group and Juror’s Award Winners; Nick Mendoza and Andrew Galloway in the professional category and Joshua Siebert and DesignBuildBluff in the student categories.

This annual exhibition honors and celebrates Utah’s great designers and provides a valuable platform for viewers to learn about and engage with the design community. DesignArts Utah is excited to partner with Salt Lake Design Week and Craft Lake City for this event that is free and open to the public.

Brooke Hodge, the director of the Palm Springs Art Museum Architecture and Design Center, will curate the exhibition. The designer selected as the Juror’s Award Winner will receive a $3,000 award. Two designers selected in the student category will each receive a $500 award.

Please feel free to refer any questions to Jim Glenn 801.245.7271 or Mackenzie Morton 801.245.7270

Cocktails with Creatives

Come relax with us on Friday October 20th from 8-10pm as we wind down Salt Lake Design Week and chat about all things design. Design Week will be doing a full takeover of the upstairs at Under Current. Bring your favorite SLDW memory or an idea for next year to share. This ain’t yo momma’s Cocktails with Creatives, we’re pulling out all the stops with:

  • A signature cocktail
  • Our own personal bar tender
  • Delicious eats (your ticket gets you appetizers provided by AIGA SLC)
  • The amazing atmosphere of Undercurrent

This is not an event to be missed.

The event is open to everyone but due to the size of the venue, tickets will be limited to only 40 people. $5 reserves your spot and gets you a whole mess of yummy apps. They won’t last long, so get your ticket now.